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From your first step across the threshold through to celebrating you as a new resident, our professional staff is At Your Service!

The Admissions, Sales and Marketing team members have tenures ranging from 2 to 30 years at The Village of East Harbor. Some of us have watched this Life Plan Community, the only true continuing care retirement community in Chesterfield Township, grow over time to meet the emerging needs of regional residents. Our newest associates have joined us with the latest addition to the neighborhood, the Harbor Inn development.

Whether you are ready to move “right now,” need some suggestions on selling your house, have questions about the finances of living in a senior community, want to share the process with out-of-town family, or are in the early stages of “exploring options,” our team members are here for you. We’ve helped many happy East Harbor residents on the journey to their best life now!

We can’t wait to work with you, and we look forward to welcoming you as new resident at one of our regular Village events!